You all know me as V. Castro, writer. I have a passion for storytelling and La Muerte Market is another way I want to share this passion with you.

Some of the items are directly tied to my books, and others celebrate my heritage as a Chicana.

I hope you enjoy and thank you for your support!

Blessings & Abundance

  • The Haunting of Alejandra

    My most personal book to date that delves into mental health and the folklore of La llorona.

    La Muerte Beauty is inspired by self love! Fearlessly feel good about yourself.

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  • Las Posadas

    A quick and hot read with bite! This novelette was inspired by my love for fangs and romance. It may be a holiday theme book, but it's still fun!

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  • Hairspray and Switchblades

    I love werewolves and what better way to honor the lore than with a new twist! As a Chicana, I wanted to create a story to honor my ancestors. My first thought went to jaguars....

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  • Out of Atzlan

    A short story collection of fantasy, creatures, goddesses, and love.

    Like most of my books, this explores identity and my culture.

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  • The Queen of The Cicadas

    I would describe this book as the Latinx version of Candyman. And as a great grandaughter of migrant farmworkers, I wanted to write a book about that life.

    It is because of my ancestors I am where I am.

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  • Aliens: Vasquez

    This woman needs to explanation.

    I am beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to say I wrote the backstory for Vasquez. She is one bad Chicana who always fought to the death.

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